• 11/04/2022

Developed by ASAS specialists and operated in partnership with ESSOR Seguros, Aviation Insurance is tailored to the most diverse risks of air transport and various types of operations, such as agricultural, offshore, air taxis, among others. It ranges from damage to aircraft, passengers, crew and people on the ground, to the protection of the company managing the hangar, in case it is civilly responsible, all depending on the contracting of each type of coverage.

Coverages possible to be hired

  • Hull
  • War
  • General Liability (G.L.)
  • R.E.T.A.
  • G.L. Hangar
  • G.L. Airport
  • Drones – Hull and R.E.T.A.

Main ASAS Segments

General Aviation, Aircraft up to 60 years old, Agricultural, Experimental, G.L. Hangar, Drones and R.E.T.A.

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